Eva Carter

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How to Save a Life

Coming in March 2021:

Joel¡¯s heart stops as the rest of the world welcomes the start of a new century. What happens next will change the course of three people¡¯s lives forever.It¡¯s nearly midnight when Joel¡¯s heart stops. Kerry saves his life, performing CPR for eighteen long minutes, whilst her best friend Tim freezes, unable to help. 

That moment of life and death changes the course of all three lives over the next eighteen years: each time Kerry, Joel and Tim believe they¡¯ve found love, discovered their vocation, or simply moved on, their lives collide again. 

Structured around the four simple steps that can save a life, this is both a love story and an exploration of what it means to be brave ¨C because bravery isn't just about life or death decisions; it¡¯s also about how to keep on living afterwards. . . 


First Aid & Resuscitation

You could save a life by taking just a few minutes to learn CPR and other emergency skills.


International editions of how to save a life

The book will be published in Germany, Italy, Poland and Romania, with more languages to come.